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Title: Chromosomal copy number alterations and HPV integration in cervical precancer and invasive cancer.
Authors: Bodelon C,  Vinokurova S,  Sampson JN,  den Boon JA,  Walker JL,  Horswill MA,  Korthauer K,  Schiffman M,  Sherman ME,  Zuna RE,  Mitchell J,  Zhang X,  Boland JF,  Chaturvedi AK,  Dunn ST,  Newton MA,  Ahlquist P,  Wang SS,  Wentzensen N
Journal: Carcinogenesis
Date: 2016 Feb
Branches: BB, CGB, CGR, EBP, IIB, MEB
PubMed ID: 26660085
PMC ID: PMC4834967