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Title: The role of dietary measurement error in investigating the hypothesized link between dietary fat intake and breast cancer--a story with twists and turns.
Authors: Thiébaut AC,  Kipnis V,  Schatzkin A,  Freedman LS
Journal: Cancer Invest
Date: 2008 Feb
Branches: NEB
PubMed ID: 18181048
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: The association between dietary fat and breast cancer is one of the most controversial hypotheses in nutritional epidemiology. In this editorial, the authors review the evidence from animal and human studies, including international correlation, case-control, cohort studies, intervention trials, and studies comparing dietary assessment instruments. The authors emphasize the importance of the role played by measurement error arising from assessing dietary habits using self-reported questionnaires, as it can distort estimated associations, not necessarily towards the absence of an association. They describe the twists and turns of the dietary fat and breast cancer debate that have revolved around this issue.