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Title: Common genetic variants in the 8q24 region and risk of papillary thyroid cancer.
Authors: Neta G,  Yu CL,  Brenner A,  Gu F,  Hutchinson A,  Pfeiffer R,  Sturgis EM,  Xu L,  Linet MS,  Alexander BH,  Chanock S,  Sigurdson AJ
Journal: Laryngoscope
Date: 2012 May
Branches: BB, CGR, GEB, LTG, REB
PubMed ID: 22275265
PMC ID: PMC3408055
Abstract: OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS: Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the 8q24 chromosomal region identified from genome-wide scans have been associated with the risk of several cancers, including breast (rs1562430), prostate (rs1447295), and colon (rs6983267). A genome-wide scan in 26 families with papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) also found susceptibility loci in 8q24, supporting a closer evaluation of this chromosomal region in relation to the risk of sporadic PTC. STUDY DESIGN: Case-control study. METHODS: We evaluated 157 tag SNPs in the 8q24 chromosomal region between 120.91 Mb and 128.78 Mb (including rs1562430, rs1447295, and rs6983267) in a case-control study of 344 PTC cases and 452 age and gender frequency-matched controls. We used logistic regression to estimate odds ratios and compute P values of linear trend for PTC with genotypes of interest. To account for multiple comparisons, we applied the false discovery rate (FDR) method. RESULTS: We did not find a significant association between rs1562430, rs1447295, or rs6983267 and PTC risk. We found that one SNP (rs4733616) was associated with PTC risk at P = .003, and 12 other SNPs were associated with PTC risk at P < .05. However, no SNPs remained significant after FDR correction. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings do not support a strong association between SNPs in the 8q24 chromosomal region and risk of sporadic PTC, but several SNPs with small effects might exist.