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Title: Improved imputation of common and uncommon SNPs with a new reference set.
Authors: Wang Z,  Jacobs KB,  Yeager M,  Hutchinson A,  Sampson J,  Chatterjee N,  Albanes D,  Berndt SI,  Chung CC,  Diver WR,  Gapstur SM,  Teras LR,  Haiman CA,  Henderson BE,  Stram D,  Deng X,  Hsing AW,  Virtamo J,  Eberle MA,  Stone JL,  Purdue MP,  Taylor P,  Tucker M,  Chanock SJ
Journal: Nat Genet
Date: 2012 Jan
Branches: BB, CGR, HGP, LTG, NEB, OEEB
PubMed ID: 22200770
PMC ID: PMC3276401