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Title: No effect of cancer-associated SNP rs6983267 in the 8q24 region on co-expression of MYC and TCF7L2 in normal colon tissue.
Authors: Prokunina-Olsson L,  Hall JL
Journal: Mol Cancer
Date: 2009
Branches: LTG
PubMed ID: 19895682
PMC ID: PMC2777153
Abstract: A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs6983267, located within the 8q24 region, is strongly associated with risk of colorectal and prostate cancer. It has been suggested that the mechanism of this association is related to differential interaction of TCF7L2 protein (previously known as TCF-4) with alleles of rs6983267, influencing the expression of a well-known oncogene, MYC, located 335 Kb telomeric. Here, we tested the correlation between mRNA expression of MYC and several alternatively spliced forms of TCF7L2 in 117 non-cancer colon samples. We observed a strong correlation (r = 0.60, p < 10(-6)) between expression of MYC and a unique splicing form of TCF7L2. The level of MYC expression in these samples was associated with expression of some TCF7L2 splicing forms but not with genotypes of rs6983267, or interaction of rs6983267 with TCF7L2 expression. These findings suggest that some splicing forms of TCF7L2 may be functionally important for regulation of MYC expression in colon tissue but this regulation is not directly dependent on rs6983267.