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Title: Blood pressure augmentation and maternal circulating concentrations of angiogenic factors at delivery in preeclamptic and uncomplicated pregnancies.
Authors: Troisi R,  Braekke K,  Harsem NK,  Hyer M,  Hoover RN,  Staff AC
Journal: Am J Obstet Gynecol
Date: 2008 Dec
Branches: EBP
PubMed ID: 18722574
PMC ID: PMC2646178
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: The objective of the study was to determine whether blood pressure increases are associated with maternal angiogenic factors in uncomplicated and preeclamptic pregnancies. STUDY DESIGN: Associations of blood pressure increases from mid- to late pregnancy with maternal serum concentrations of soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase receptor (sFlt1), soluble endoglin (sEng), and placental growth factor (PlGF) at delivery were analyzed in 43 uncomplicated and 44 preeclamptic pregnancies. RESULTS: In uncomplicated pregnancies, increases in diastolic and mean arterial pressure were inversely associated with PlGF at delivery and positively associated with sEng and sFlt1/PlGF ratio. There were no significant associations between blood pressure increases and angiogenic factor concentrations in preeclampsia. CONCLUSION: These data suggest that angiogenic factors are involved in blood pressure modulation in normotensive pregnancy and are consistent with the hypothesis that angiogenic balance plays a role in maternal breast cancer risk reduction associated with mid- to late blood pressure increases in uncomplicated pregnancies.