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Title: Differential presentation of protein interaction surfaces on the androgen receptor defines the pharmacological actions of bound ligands.
Authors: Norris JD,  Joseph JD,  Sherk AB,  Juzumiene D,  Turnbull PS,  Rafferty SW,  Cui H,  Anderson E,  Fan D,  Dye DA,  Deng X,  Kazmin D,  Chang CY,  Willson TM,  McDonnell DP
Journal: Chem Biol
Date: 2009 Apr 24
Branches: CGR
PubMed ID: 19389631
PMC ID: PMC2673463
Abstract: The pharmacological activity of different nuclear receptor ligands is reflected by their impact on receptor structure. Thus, we asked whether differential presentation of protein-protein interaction surfaces on the androgen receptor (AR), a surrogate assay of receptor conformation, could be used in a prospective manner to define the pharmacological activity of bound ligands. To this end, we identified over 150 proteins/polypeptides whose ability to interact with AR is influenced in a differential manner by ligand binding. The most discriminatory of these protein-AR interactions were used to develop a robust compound-profiling tool that enabled the separation of ligands into functionally distinguishable classes. Importantly, the ligands within each class exhibited similar pharmacological activities, a result that highlights the relationship between receptor structure and activity and provides direction for the discovery of novel AR modulators.