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Title: Alcohol consumption and risk of renal cell cancer: the NIH-AARP diet and health study.
Authors: Lew JQ,  Chow WH,  Hollenbeck AR,  Schatzkin A,  Park Y
Journal: Br J Cancer
Date: 2011 Feb 1
Branches: MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID: 21245859
PMC ID: PMC3049576
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The effect of moderate to heavy drinking (>15 g per day) on renal cell cancer (RCC) risk is unclear. METHOD: The relationship between alcohol consumption and RCC was examined in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study (n=49 2187, 1814 cases). RESULTS: Compared with >0 to <5 g per day of alcohol consumption, the multivariate relative risk (95% confidence intervals) for 15 to <30 and 30 g per day was, 0.75 (0.63-0.90) and 0.71 (0.59-0.85), respectively, in men and 0.67 (0.42-1.07) and 0.43 (0.22-0.84), respectively, in women. CONCLUSION: Alcohol consumption was inversely associated with RCC in a dose-response manner. The inverse association may be extended to 30 g per day of alcohol intake.