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Title: Serum antimüllerian hormone in healthy premenopausal women.
Authors: Shaw CM,  Stanczyk FZ,  Egleston BL,  Kahle LL,  Spittle CS,  Godwin AK,  Brinton LA,  Dorgan JF
Journal: Fertil Steril
Date: 2011 Jun 30
Branches: HREB
PubMed ID: 21704216
PMC ID: PMC3163405
Abstract: Antimüllerian hormone (AMH) is extensively studied in ovarian aging and pathology; however, little is known about correlates in healthy premenopausal women. We found that AMH levels are strongly inversely associated with age and differed significantly between oral contraceptive pill users and nonusers, whereas no significant associations were seen between AMH and other clinical, behavioral, and anthropometric characteristics and laboratory variables, making it an attractive hormone for clinical applications.