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Title: Identification of Iowa live births in the Agricultural Health Study.
Authors: Romitti PA,  Watanabe-Galloway S,  Budelier WT,  Lynch CF,  Puzhankara S,  Wong-Gibbons D,  Hoppin JA,  Alavanja MC
Journal: Arch Environ Occup Health
Date: 2010 Jul-Sep
Branches: OEEB
PubMed ID: 20705576
PMC ID: PMC2936500
Abstract: In the Agricultural Health Study, information on participant live births was largely provided by female partners of male private applicators. At the Iowa site, such information was available for 13,599 (42.9%) of 31,707 applicators. To improve identification of live births among Iowa participants, we used a probabilistic and deterministic approach to link available demographic data from 31,707 households and information on live births from 13,599 households with 1,014,916 Iowa birth certificates. Record linkage identified 16,611 (93.7%) of 17,719 reported live births and 17,883 additional live births, most (14,411 or 80.6%) not reported due to nonresponse by female partners. This record linkage produced an expanded cohort of live-born children among Iowa participants, which will facilitate improved study of the effects of agricultural exposures, including pesticides, on selected birth outcomes and childhood disease.