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Title: ABO blood group and risk of epithelial ovarian cancer within the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium.
Authors: Poole EM,  Gates MA,  High BA,  Chanock SJ,  Cramer DW,  Cunningham JM,  Fridley BL,  Gayther SA,  Goode EL,  Iversen ES,  Lissowska J,  Palmieri Weber RT,  Pharoah PD,  Phelan CM,  Ramus SJ,  Schildkraut JM,  Sutphen R,  Tsai YY,  Tyrer J,  Vierkant RA,  Wentzensen N,  Yang HP,  Terry KL,  Tworoger SS
Journal: Cancer Causes Control
Date: 2012 Nov
Branches: CGR, HREB, LTG
PubMed ID: 22961099
PMC ID: PMC3474344
Abstract: PURPOSE: Previous studies have examined the association between ABO blood group and ovarian cancer risk, with inconclusive results. METHODS: In eight studies participating in the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium, we determined ABO blood groups and diplotypes by genotyping 3 SNPs in the ABO locus. Odds ratios and 95 % confidence intervals were calculated in each study using logistic regression; individual study results were combined using random effects meta-analysis. RESULTS: Compared to blood group O, the A blood group was associated with a modestly increased ovarian cancer risk: (OR: 1.09; 95 % CI: 1.01-1.18; p = 0.03). In diplotype analysis, the AO, but not the AA diplotype, was associated with increased risk (AO: OR: 1.11; 95 % CI: 1.01-1.22; p = 0.03; AA: OR: 1.03; 95 % CI: 0.87-1.21; p = 0.76). Neither AB nor the B blood groups were associated with risk. Results were similar across ovarian cancer histologic subtypes. CONCLUSION: Consistent with most previous reports, the A blood type was associated modestly with increased ovarian cancer risk in this large analysis of multiple studies of ovarian cancer. Future studies investigating potential biologic mechanisms are warranted.