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Title: HPV16/18 L1 VLP vaccine induces cross-neutralizing antibodies that may mediate cross-protection.
Authors: Kemp TJ,  Hildesheim A,  Safaeian M,  Dauner JG,  Pan Y,  Porras C,  Schiller JT,  Lowy DR,  Herrero R,  Pinto LA
Journal: Vaccine
Date: 2011 Mar 3
Branches: IIB
PubMed ID: 21241731
PMC ID: PMC3046309
Abstract: Human papillomavirus (HPV) L1 VLP-based vaccines are protective against HPV vaccine-related types; however, the correlates of protection have not been defined. We observed that vaccination with Cervarix™ induced cross-neutralizing antibodies for HPV types for which evidence of vaccine efficacy has been demonstrated (HPV31/45) but not for other types (HPV52/58). In addition, HPV31/45 cross-neutralizing titers showed a significant increase with number of doses (HPV31, p<0.001; HPV45, p<0.001) and correlated with HPV16/18 neutralizing titers, respectively. These findings raise the possibility that cross-neutralizing antibodies are effectors of cross-protection observed for the HPV16/18 vaccine.