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Title: Genome-wide association analyses in East Asians identify new susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer.
Authors: Jia WH,  Zhang B,  Matsuo K,  Shin A,  Xiang YB,  Jee SH,  Kim DH,  Ren Z,  Cai Q,  Long J,  Shi J,  Wen W,  Yang G,  Delahanty RJ,  Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium (GECCO),  Colon Cancer Family Registry (CCFR),  Ji BT,  Pan ZZ,  Matsuda F,  Gao YT,  Oh JH,  Ahn YO,  Park EJ,  Li HL,  Park JW,  Jo J,  Jeong JY,  Hosono S,  Casey G,  Peters U,  Shu XO,  Zeng YX,  Zheng W,  Aragaki AK,  Baron JA,  Berndt SI,  Bezieau S,  Brenner H,  Butterbach K,  Caan BJ,  Carlson CS,  Casey G,  Chan AT,  Chang-Claude J,  Chanock SJ,  Chen LS,  Coetzee GA,  Coetzee SG,  Conti DV,  Curtis K,  Duggan D,  Edwards TL,  Fuchs CS,  Gallinger S,  Giovannucci EL,  Gogarten SM,  Haile RW,  Harrison TA,  Hayes RB,  Hoffmeister M,  Hopper JL,  Hsu L,  Hudson TJ,  Hunter DJ,  Hutter CM,  Jackson RD,  Jenkins MA,  Jiao S,  Kooperberg C,  Küry S,  LaCroix AZ,  Laurie CC,  Laurie CA,  Le Marchand L,  Lemire M,  Levine D,  Lindor NM,  Liu Y,  Ma J,  Makar KW,  Newcomb PA,  Peters U,  Potter JD,  Prentice RL,  Qu C,  Rohan T,  Schoen RE,  Thibodeau SN,  Ulrich CM,  Vijayaraghavan R,  Weir B,  White E,  Zanke BW
Journal: Nat Genet
Date: 2013 Feb
Branches: LTG, NEB, OD
PubMed ID: 23263487
PMC ID: PMC3679924
Abstract: To identify new genetic factors for colorectal cancer (CRC), we conducted a genome-wide association study in east Asians. By analyzing genome-wide data in 2,098 cases and 5,749 controls, we selected 64 promising SNPs for replication in an independent set of samples, including up to 5,358 cases and 5,922 controls. We identified four SNPs with association P values of 8.58 × 10(-7) to 3.77 × 10(-10) in the combined analysis of all east Asian samples. Three of the four were replicated in a study conducted in 26,060 individuals of European descent, with combined P values of 1.22 × 10(-10) for rs647161 (5q31.1), 6.64 × 10(-9) for rs2423279 (20p12.3) and 3.06 × 10(-8) for rs10774214 (12p13.32 near the CCND2 gene), derived from meta-analysis of data from both east Asian and European-ancestry populations. This study identified three new CRC susceptibility loci and provides additional insight into the genetics and biology of CRC.