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Title: Examination of established cancer risk variants in putatively high-risk pancreatic cancer patients: A PACGENE study
Authors: Childs Erica J,  Chaffee Kari G,  Gallinger Steven,  Syngal Sapna,  Schwartz Ann G,  Cote Michele L,  Bondy Melissa,  Goggins Michael G,  Hruban Ralph H,  Chanock Stephen,  Hoover Robert,  Fuchs Charles,  Rider David N,  Amundadottir Laufey,  Stolzenberg-Solomon Rachael,  Wolpin Brian,  Risch Harvey A,  Petersen Gloria M,  Klein Alison P
Journal: Genet Epidemiol
Date: 2015 Nov
Branches: EBP, LGS, LTG, MEB, OD
PubMed ID:
PMC ID: not available