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Title: Genome-wide association analysis in East Asians identifies breast cancer susceptibility loci at 1q32.1, 5q14.3 and 15q26.1.
Authors: Cai Q,  Zhang B,  Sung H,  Low SK,  Kweon SS,  Lu W,  Shi J,  Long J,  Wen W,  Choi JY,  Noh DY,  Shen CY,  Matsuo K,  Teo SH,  Kim MK,  Khoo US,  Iwasaki M,  Hartman M,  Takahashi A,  Ashikawa K,  Matsuda K,  Shin MH,  Park MH,  Zheng Y,  Xiang YB,  Ji BT,  Park SK,  Wu PE,  Hsiung CN,  Ito H,  Kasuga Y,  Kang P,  Mariapun S,  Ahn SH,  Kang HS,  Chan KY,  Man EP,  Iwata H,  Tsugane S,  Miao H,  Liao J,  Nakamura Y,  Kubo M,  DRIVE GAME-ON Consortium,  Delahanty RJ,  Zhang Y,  Li B,  Li C,  Gao YT,  Shu XO,  Kang D,  Zheng W
Journal: Nat Genet
Date: 2014 Aug
Branches: GEB, OEEB
PubMed ID: 25038754
PMC ID: PMC4127632
Abstract: In a three-stage genome-wide association study among East Asian women including 22,780 cases and 24,181 controls, we identified 3 genetic loci newly associated with breast cancer risk, including rs4951011 at 1q32.1 (in intron 2 of the ZC3H11A gene; P=8.8210(-9)), rs10474352 at 5q14.3 (near the ARRDC3 gene; P=1.6710(-9)) and rs2290203 at 15q26.1 (in intron 14 of the PRC1 gene; P=4.2510(-8)). We replicated these associations in 16,003 cases and 41,335 controls of European ancestry (P=0.030, 0.004 and 0.010, respectively). Data from the ENCODE Project suggest that variants rs4951011 and rs10474352 might be located in an enhancer region and transcription factor binding sites, respectively. This study provides additional insights into the genetics and biology of breast cancer.