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Title: Common sequence variants on 20q11.22 confer melanoma susceptibility.
Authors: Brown KM,  Macgregor S,  Montgomery GW,  Craig DW,  Zhao ZZ,  Iyadurai K,  Henders AK,  Homer N,  Campbell MJ,  Stark M,  Thomas S,  Schmid H,  Holland EA,  Gillanders EM,  Duffy DL,  Maskiell JA,  Jetann J,  Ferguson M,  Stephan DA,  Cust AE,  Whiteman D,  Green A,  Olsson H,  Puig S,  Ghiorzo P,  Hansson J,  Demenais F,  Goldstein AM,  Gruis NA,  Elder DE,  Bishop JN,  Kefford RF,  Giles GG,  Armstrong BK,  Aitken JF,  Hopper JL,  Martin NG,  Trent JM,  Mann GJ,  Hayward NK
Journal: Nat Genet
Date: 2008 Jul
Branches: GEB, LTG
PubMed ID: 18488026
PMC ID: PMC2755512
Abstract: We conducted a genome-wide association pooling study for cutaneous melanoma and performed validation in samples totaling 2,019 cases and 2,105 controls. Using pooling, we identified a new melanoma risk locus on chromosome 20 (rs910873 and rs1885120), with replication in two further samples (combined P < 1 x 10(-15)). The per allele odds ratio was 1.75 (1.53, 2.01), with evidence for stronger association in early-onset cases.