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Title: High Oral Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Load Predicts Long-term Persistence in Individuals With or at Risk for HIV Infection.
Authors: Beachler DC,  Guo Y,  Xiao W,  Burk RD,  Minkoff H,  Strickler HD,  Cranston RD,  Wiley DJ,  Jacobson LP,  Weber KM,  Margolick JB,  Sugar EA,  Reddy S,  Gillison ML,  D'Souza G
Journal: J Infect Dis
Date: 2015 Nov 15
Branches: IIB
PubMed ID: 25954049
PMC ID: PMC4621250
Abstract: The association between oral human papillomavirus 16 (HPV16) DNA load and infection clearance was evaluated among 88 individuals with oral HPV16 infection who were identified within a prospective cohort of 1470 HIV-infected and uninfected individuals. Oral rinse specimens were collected semiannually for up to 5 years. The oral HPV16 load at the time of the first positive test result was significantly associated with the time to clearance of infection (continuous P trends <.01). Notably, clearance rates by 24 months were 41% and 94% in the highest and lowest HPV16 load tertiles (P = .03), respectively. High oral HPV16 load warrants consideration as a biomarker for infection persistence, the presumed precursor of HPV16-associated oropharyngeal cancer.