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Title: Selected human leukocyte antigen class II polymorphisms and risk of adult glioma.
Authors: Bassig BA,  Inskip PD,  Burdette L,  Shapiro WR,  Selker RG,  Fine HA,  Loeffler JS,  Black PM,  Dubrow R,  Brenner AV
Journal: J Neuroimmunol
Date: 2011 Apr
Branches: OEEB, REB
PubMed ID: 21195488
PMC ID: PMC3074044
Abstract: Few studies have examined the relationship between human leukocyte antigen (HLA) polymorphisms and adult glioma, particularly at class II loci. We evaluated the association between selected HLA class II polymorphisms and adult glioma in a large, hospital-based case-control study, using unconditional logistic regression. DQB1 06 (OR=1.67, 95% CI=1.17-2.39) and DRB1 13 (OR=1.69, 95% CI=1.08-2.64) alleles were associated with an increased risk of glioma, while the DQB1 05 allele showed an inverse association (OR=0.63, 95% CI=0.43-0.93). These results, which were of borderline significance once controlled for the false discovery rate, suggest a potential role for the DQB1 06, DQB1 05, and DRB1 13 alleles in glioma susceptibility.