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Title: Exposure to atrazine and selected non-persistent pesticides among corn farmers during a growing season.
Authors: Bakke B,  De Roos AJ,  Barr DB,  Stewart PA,  Blair A,  Freeman LB,  Lynch CF,  Allen RH,  Alavanja MC,  Vermeulen R
Journal: J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol
Date: 2009 Sep
Branches: OEEB
PubMed ID: 19052531
PMC ID: PMC3048843
Abstract: The aim was to develop quantitative estimates of farmers' pesticide exposure to atrazine and to provide an overview of background levels of selected non-persistent pesticides among corn farmers in a longitudinal molecular epidemiologic study. The study population consisted of 30 Agricultural Health Study farmers from Iowa and 10 non-farming controls. Farmers completed daily and weekly diaries from March to November in 2002 and 2003 on pesticide use and other exposure determinants. Urine samples were collected at 10 time points relative to atrazine application and other farming activities. Pesticide exposure was assessed using urinary metabolites and diaries. The analytical limit of detection (LOD) ranged between 0.1 and 0.2 microg/l for all pesticide analytes except for isazaphos (1.5 microg/l) and diazinon (0.7 microg/l). Farmers had higher geometric mean urinary atrazine mercapturate (AZM) values than controls during planting (1.1 vs