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Title: Increased plasma levels of adipokines and inflammatory markers in older women with persistent HPV infection.
Authors: Baker R,  Dauner JG,  Rodriguez AC,  Williams MC,  Kemp TJ,  Hildesheim A,  Pinto LA
Journal: Cytokine
Date: 2011 Mar
Branches: IIB, CGR
PubMed ID: 21167737
PMC ID: PMC3033991
Abstract: We observed diminished lymphoproliferation to multiple stimuli in older women with persistent cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Adipokines are a class of inflammatory cytokines that are altered in some persistent infections. The objective was to compare the level of adipokines and inflammatory cytokines in heparinized plasma from women with persistent HPV cervical infection (Cases, N=50, oversampled for their weak lymphoproliferation responses) with women with no evidence of persistent HPV cervical infection (Controls, N=50, oversampled for their strong lymphoproliferation responses). Plasma samples were analyzed with multiplex assays for adipokines and inflammatory cytokines. Cases had significantly elevated plasma levels of resistin (p<0.0001) and sFas (p=0.0038) as compared to controls. Risk of persistent HPV infection increased significantly with increasing levels of resistin and 8Fas. This is the first study to demonstrate elevated levels of resistin and sFas in HPV persistently infected, older women with decreased immune function expanding the understanding of the systemic inflammation and immune alterations in individuals persistently infected with HPV. Further studies within a larger cohort are needed to define the generalities of these findings and any role adipokines have in persistent HPV infection.