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Title: APOBEC3B deletion and risk of HIV-1 acquisition.
Authors: An P,  Johnson R,  Phair J,  Kirk GD,  Yu XF,  Donfield S,  Buchbinder S,  Goedert JJ,  Winkler CA
Journal: J Infect Dis
Date: 2009 Oct 1
Branches: IIB
PubMed ID: 19698078
PMC ID: PMC3690486
Abstract: The human APOBEC3 family of cytidine deaminases provides intrinsic immunity to retroviral infection. A naturally occurring 29.5-kb deletion removes the entire APOBEC3B gene. We examined the impact of the APOBEC3B gene deletion in >4000 individuals from 5 human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) natural history cohorts. The hemizygous genotype had no effect on either acquisition of HIV-1 infection or progression to AIDS. However, the homozygous deletion was significantly associated with unfavorable outcomes for HIV-1 acquisition (odds ratio, 7.37; P= .024), progression to AIDS (relative hazard, 4.01; P=. 03), and viral set point (P= .04). These findings suggest that the loss of APOBEC3B may increase host susceptibility to HIV-1 acquisition and progression to AIDS and warrant further study.